Apply for a grant

Applications for grant aid are invited from individuals who comply with the following circumstances:

The applicant must be under 18 years old and a resident of Dorset. He/she will already have shown a commitment to his/her chosen sport or to the playing of a musical instrument and be in need of financial assistance because EITHER he/she has recently been selected to perform at a higher level* and thus incurred additional expenses, OR there has been a recent change in personal financial circumstances which now poses a risk to the continued participation at their current level.

  • Applications can be considered and a “conditional” grant may be awarded where there is the potential for selection at a higher level in the near future.

Applicants, who must be supported by their parent/carer, should explain how their circumstances have changed and how a grant from the trust will support them. All details supplied within an application will be remain confidential, shared only by the trustees. Please note however, that the trustees will also seek verification from the referee named within the application, and/or the club or organisation to which the applicant belongs, to ensure that only bona fide applications are considered. We may also contact the applicants school for further support.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page to see what happens to data collected from applicants through this online form.