Where does the money go?

Activity in our first financial year as a trust was focussed entirely on fund-raising, before inviting the first grant applications in early 2018. Just over a year later we are delighted to have awarded grants to twenty young people from around Dorset, totalling £9,829. Each of the recipients has been able to demonstrate their dedication to sport or music, in some cases with many hours of training and/or travel each week. Several of our recipients travel thousands of miles each year to compete in high level competitions and in all cases, a considerable financial contribution from parents is required for continued success. We are pleased to be able to have eased the burden on parents to some extent.

Please note that our safeguarding and privacy policies dictate that we only publish details about recipients of grants that they and their parents/guardians are happy with and have approved for publication.

Among those receiving grants from the trust are:

Caitlin Chissell, a 12-year-old from Bournemouth, who is now in her fifth season of county girls’ cricket, with appearances in the Under 13s, Under 15s and even the Under 17s! Caitlin has demonstrated great talent and dedication to training, last winter becoming the youngest player to be selected for the Elite Player Programme. The trust helped towards the cost of training sessions, match fees and travel/accommodation expenses for Caitlin last season and will continue to do so in 2019.
Sorry folks but while Conner was happy for us to publish details of his progress, he drew the line at having his picture on the website.Connor Mills, a 16-year-old from Bere Regis and a school friend of Ed’s, has made considerable progress as a drummer under the tuition of Allan Varnfield, who used to take Ed’s drum lessons. After passing his grade 5 examination last year, Connor has made excellent progress and is now playing at Grade 8 standard. The trust is pleased to have contributed towards the cost of private lessons for Connor.
Aidan Palmer, a 13-year-old from Poole, first came to our attention when his parents applied for help to fund travel and accommodation expenses for two taekwondo tournaments in Germany in February 2019. Aidan performed well enough in one of those tournaments to be selected for the UK squad at the European Championships in Turkey in April and the trust were pleased to once again help with the expenses involved in that trip, especially as taekwondo receives no national backing as a sport and all competitors are therefore self-funded.
Thomas Carney, a
17-year-old from Weymouth, was also selected for the UK squad in the same European Taekwondo Championships in April and the trust helped towards the cost of travel, accommodation and kit.
Pippa Barnard, a 16-year-old from Bere Regis and a classmate of Ed’s, travels many thousands of miles each year to participate in Dragon Boat racing, as well as other forms of paddling. Pippa performed so well last year that she’s now been selected for the Premier GB Ladies Dragon Boat team, competing in the World Championships in Thailand in August 2019! The trust is delighted to be contributing towards the cost of that trip, especially as this is another self-funded sport.
Zac Green, a 17-year-old from Bere Regis, has made considerable progress over the last two years and was admitted on to the AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust BTEC Level 2 course at St. Aldhelm’s Academy in Poole. Attendance at St. Aldhelm’s involves Zac in a daily journey comprising two bus journeys each way, after getting to Wareham from Bere Regis. The trust is pleased to have helped Zac by funding his attendance at a goalkeeping coaches’ course as well as some kit and equipment for additional training.

Cricket is our ‘focus’ sport, but we are happy to accept applications for all sports. The table below shows the breakdown of how grants have been distributed to date.

ActivityNumber of GrantsTotal amount of Grant moneyPercentage of money awarded
Other Sports12£6,69668.1%
Other Music1£1301.3%