About the Trust

Who benefits?

The Ed Kent Trust invites applications for financial assistance from young people under 18 years old to help develop their skills and experiences in sports or music. We particularly, but not exclusively, support young cricketers and drummers, these having been two of Ed’s passions. Applicants have to demonstrate both a commitment to, and their potential to improve in their chosen field. Financial assistance can be given to help with kit, equipment, travel, coaching and/or examination expenses.

A total of twenty-one grants have now been awarded, totalling over £8,000 and ranging from £96 to £1,000.

Once a greater fund has been gathered, the trust will also begin to consider applications from clubs and organisations for projects aimed specifically at improving facilities for young people. Again, particular emphasis will be given to projects associated with cricket and drumming, although other sports and forms of music will be considered should sufficient funds be available at the time.

While the trust will not directly contribute financially, we will continue to support and      promote the work of Asthma UK, Gully’s Place , The Three Ells and Mosaic, charities that have supported Ed’s family since his death.

Fund Raising

Much of the trust’s activity is geared towards growing the fund and, of course, fund raising will continue to be an essential part of the trust’s work throughout its life.  We intend to organise sponsored events and functions. We hope also to persuade others to contribute towards the trust by raising funds themselves. Could you help?

We ask sports clubs in Dorset to auction items or promises at their presentation evening or annual dinner. We also ask clubs and schools to consider organising fund raising events, small or large.

Of course, we will also gratefully accept any direct donations. Please contact us for further information on making a donation.